The BPM (Business Process Management) Discipline at QUT is one of the largest BPM research groups in the world with impressive academic achievements, significant third-party funded research projects and major industry linkages.

BPM: The Number One Priority

Business Process Management (BPM) is often seen as a high business priority by CIOs internationally. BPM emerged from the convergence of a number of previous streams including Business Process Reengineering, Operations Management, Quality Management and Workflow Management to become a mature and comprehensive approach to promote and realise IT–enabled process improvements. BPM needs to be seen from different levels ranging from strategic alignment and BPM governance through cultural and educational issues, to BPM methodologies related to process modelling and improvement. It also covers reliable and flexible process execution and monitoring solutions. IT innovations such as service–oriented architectures, advanced workflow management systems and an increased process–awareness in Enterprise Systems provide numerous IT–related opportunities for increased process management capabilities.

BPM Research at QUT

The Business Process Management Discipline at QUT is part of the Information Systems School within the Science and Engineering Faculty.
It is one of the largest BPM research groups in the world and it has significant third-party funded research projects and major industry linkages.

BPM for the Real World

The research of the BPM Discipline is very much grounded in real world problems and requirements. To this end there has been a close collaboration with industry over the years. For example, the synergy with SAP manifests itself through a number of joint research projects, scholarships, patent applications and publications over the years.
Other industry partners include Suncorp and Woolworths, where Suncorp contributes to the Apromore open source software initiative and Woolworths funds a Chair on Retail Innovation.

Members of QUT initiated the Australian Community of Practice on Business Process Management. This community meets on a quarterly basis and involves managers responsible for BPM from organisations such as the AMP, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Centrelink, Coles–Myer, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, DEST, Energy Australia, Ergon Energy, GWF, IAG, IP Australia, NAB, Powerlink, Smiths–Aerospace and Suncorp.

A number of our industry partners are funding, or have funded, scholarships for research students related to Business Process Management. We are regularly conducting business process improvement projects involving experienced post–graduate students. Among others, the following organisations have hosted this so far – BP, CITEC, Department of Primary Industries, Ergon Energy, Ipswich City Council, Pauls, Qld Health, Qld Transport, Suncorp, and QUT.


QUT´s BPM Discipline is fortunate to have close links with national and international thought leaders in this domain. We are delighted for example with the commitment made to our research group by Professor Wil van der Aalst, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (there are e.g. 70+ papers with QUT authors since 2003 listed on DBLP) who has been an Adjunct Professor at QUT since 2003. Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology, we form the BPMCenter.org, the one of the largest communities of BPM researchers worldwide. A number of other BPM research centres are affiliated with this initiative.