Eike Bernhard

Name Eike Bernhard
Email e.bernhard@hdr.qut.edu.au
Level of Study PhD
Thesis Title A Theory of Process Modelling Affordances
Supervisors Prof. Jan Recker
Prof. Andrew Burton-Jones (UQ Business School, The University of Queensland)
A/Prof. Marcello La Rosa
Expected Completion April 2015
Abstract This work focuses on the affordances of process modelling in the context of various Business Process Management initiatives. Specifically, the purpose of this research is to gain theory-driven, empirical insights into the use of process modeling in practice and the impact of process modelling on the success of system analysis and design activities.
Affiliation ARC Linkage Project: “Facilitating Business Process Standardisation and Reuse”; LP110100252 (http://apromore.org/projects/linkage)
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